Should I buy another HTC One or something else?

Episode 1170 (44:41)

Jonathan from Los Angeles, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note IV

Jonathan's HTC One M8 died yesterday after he dropped it and he's looking to replace it. Leo says that the mistake of mobile phone makers today is that they make phones all glass now, making them really easy to break if dropped. Should he get another M8?

Leo says that the M8 has great battery life, but why not get the next generation, the M9, when it comes out later this month? If he needs one right now, it's a great time to buy a phone as people are selling their phones used.

Leo says that the OnePlus One is brand new and it's $350 without a contract. It uses Cyanogen Mod of Android Lollipop. It has great battery life, and is very similar to the HTC One. Or he can buy the Samsung Galaxy Note IV. The new Moto X is great, but the battery won't get him through the day.

Jonathan should avoid the Samsung Galaxy S5 like the plague, though. It was terrible.