How can I tell if my MacBook Pro is eligible for a recall or service repair?

Episode 1170 (1:03:14)

Dan from Huntington Beach, CA
Apple MacBook pro

Dan is having trouble with his Apple MacBook Pro. He saw that there was a repair notice and he took it into the Apple Store and they replaced the logic board. So it's like a brand new computer! He got it back and it's running great. But he was worried because he upgraded the RAM in the machine and was afraid that would disqualify him for the replacement.

Leo says he's pretty sure that users can upgrade the RAM. The genius can give him stuff if he's nice to them. How can you determine if your Mac is elegible for a recall or service upgrade? In About this Mac, there's a service tab and it will let you know if there's a recall or service upgrade for your model. It's a very handy feature of OS X.