How can I cut the cable and still DVR programs?

Episode 1170 (1:39:54)

Jeff from Los Angeles, CA
TiVo Roamio

Jeff has had it with Time Warner. He's tired of paying $180 for TV, Internet, and phone, especially since he only watches a handful of channels on that cable subscription. He also hates it when he can't get his voicemail deleted even though he's retrieved the voicemail over email. His DVR has also been completely erased due to a service issue. How can he cut the cable? How can he record everything he needs all at once after doing so?

Leo says that at the moment, he can only get things piecemeal by putting together services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon, etc. The problem is, he won't save any money and he's just dealing with another monopoly in the ISP he pays. He could get a TiVo Roamio and record programs from an over-the-air antenna. Or he could use a TiVo with his current cable subscription, so at least he'd be using a better DVR than the one Time Warner provides. Leo says that sticking with what he has is probably still the best idea for what Jeff needs, warts and all. And Comcast will be phasing out DVRs in favor of streaming everything once they buy Time Warner, so users can't keep a copy of shows.