Apple Watch Announcement Elicits Angry Reactions from Some

Episode 1170 (02:41)

Gold Apple Watch

Although the announcement of the Apple Watch wasn't really breaking news since they showed it off last year, the fact that it can cost as high as $17,000 has prompted many to take to the internet and share their outrage over what they view as a waste of money. Leo says that since most of the models are over $1,000 (the entry level model starts at $349), it does seem pricey.

Leo says that the blowback also comes from the fact that it's Apple that has announced it. Many think that Apple products are too pricey anyway and are more about form, rather than function. Leo says that it's a very interesting new category that has others in the field and if they had announced it, most would've ignored it. But now that it's going to be out next month, will hearts warm to this new category?