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Episode 1170 March 15, 2015

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Doug from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Doug is going to Alaska for a fishing trip and he wants a nice camera to take pictures. Leo says if it needs to be waterproof, then the Olympus Tough TG3 is a relatively good solution. $350. If he needs more or wants to change lenses, then Leo recommends the Olympus OM-D, around $600.

The next level up is Nikon or Canon, and the APS-C size. The Canon Rebel T5i is a good entry level camera. Then the next step is the full frame Sony Alpha 7 series at around $1500. But for what Doug is looking for, the Olympus OM-D is a great solution.

Watch Tim from Cape Cod, RI Comments

Tim is looking to get a cell phone that is GSM compatible for travel, and he wants to get the most compatible phone he can. Where can he find a good breakdown of that? Leo says that is great because it provides the specs for all the phones and what radio frequencies they support. There's also

Watch Jonathan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jonathan's HTC One M8 died yesterday after he dropped it and he's looking to replace it. Leo says that the mistake of mobile phone makers today is that they make phones all glass now, making them really easy to break if dropped. Should he get another M8?

Leo says that the M8 has great battery life, but why not get the next generation, the M9, when it comes out later this month? If he needs one right now, it's a great time to buy a phone as people are selling their phones used.

Leo says that the OnePlus One is brand new and it's $350 without a contract. It uses Cyanogen Mod of Android Lollipop. It has great battery life, and is very similar to the HTC One. Or he can buy the Samsung Galaxy Note IV. The new Moto X is great, but the battery won't get him through the day.

Jonathan should avoid the Samsung Galaxy S5 like the plague, though. It was terrible.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Dan from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Dan is having trouble with his Apple MacBook Pro. He saw that there was a repair notice and he took it into the Apple Store and they replaced the logic board. So it's like a brand new computer! He got it back and it's running great. But he was worried because he upgraded the RAM in the machine and was afraid that would disqualify him for the replacement.

Leo says he's pretty sure that users can upgrade the RAM. The genius can give him stuff if he's nice to them. How can you determine if your Mac is elegible for a recall or service upgrade? In About this Mac, there's a service tab and it will let you know if there's a recall or service upgrade for your model. It's a very handy feature of OS X.

Watch Ken from Merced, CA Comments

Ken would like to use voice to text without using the internet. Leo says that there are plenty of programs that can do it, but Leo likes Dragon Naturally Speaking. He could even use it on the Winbook TW802 tablet, which is $139 on Amazon right now.

When he upgrades to Windows 10, Cortana will do dictation, but Leo doesn't know if she'll do it online. Dragon can do this offline no problem, though.

Watch Jeff from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jeff has had it with Time Warner. He's tired of paying $180 for TV, Internet, and phone, especially since he only watches a handful of channels on that cable subscription. He also hates it when he can't get his voicemail deleted even though he's retrieved the voicemail over email. His DVR has also been completely erased due to a service issue. How can he cut the cable? How can he record everything he needs all at once after doing so?

Leo says that at the moment, he can only get things piecemeal by putting together services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon, etc. The problem is, he won't save any money and he's just dealing with another monopoly in the ISP he pays. He could get a TiVo Roamio and record programs from an over-the-air antenna. Or he could use a TiVo with his current cable subscription, so at least he'd be using a better DVR than the one Time Warner provides. Leo says that sticking with what he has is probably still the best idea for what Jeff needs, warts and all. And Comcast will be phasing out DVRs in favor of streaming everything once they buy Time Warner, so users can't keep a copy of shows.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch James from Niles, MI Comments

James' wife is going to China in a few weeks and he wants to know if there's anything new over there that isn't over here that she can pick up for him. Leo says that while manufacturing is mostly in China, a lot of the innovation still happens in the US. But Xiaomi makes some amazing phones that aren't available here in the US. There's also a lot of clones of iPhones and other devices there that look like iPhones, but are really Android phones that have been skinned to look like iOS.

Watch Vlad from Walnut Creek, CA Comments

Vlad has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and he wants to know if there's a hardware accessory that will allow him to listen to podcasts in his car and skip commercials. Leo says that is an interesting idea. Android for Cars will have it, but that's not ready yet. So no, there's nothing out there just yet specifically for that.

Watch Steve from Studio City, CA Comments

Steve was using Google to send email for film festivals, but Google has been cutting his messages short. Leo says that the original idea was to hide responses to messages, but it seems to have extended to longer form messages or emails with attachments. Leo says he could list the images as links within his email so that they can access those pictures online. Unfortunately, it's Google's sandbox and he has to play by their rules if he wants free email.

Watch Dave from Miami Beach, FL Comments

Dave has a Canon 5D Mk. II, then he saw the Sony a7 II. His neighbor is willing to buy the 5D for $1800 along with the kit lens. Should he do it and buy the a7 II?

Leo says that before he does that, he should look on eBay to see what they're selling for. Search the completed listings. $1800 will get him a body and maybe a kit lens. Leo's a huge fan of the Sony A7 series. He has two of them. He likes the mirrorless. Leo says he would sell it for the Sony camera, but he should make sure he's not getting low-balled.

Watch Ben from Stanford, NC Comments

Ben got an email about a notice of copyright infringement for illegally downloading a song. Leo says that the way that it works these days -- ISPs don't give out his information, but they will send a letter and warn you not to download music illegally. They work on a six strike rule and after that, his account could get cancelled.

Leo says if this is the first violation, he's not going to get his internet account cancelled. He should just turn off the bittorrent client, not do it again, and he should be in the clear. If they ask for money, however, don't send it to them! If that's the case, it's most likely a hoax.

The chatroom says that Digital Rights Corp is a snitch that's trying to shake him down for the cash or they'll tattle on him.