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Watch Mike from Albion, ID Comments

Mike uses Lightspeed satellite internet service by Wild Blue. He is going to be building a cabin in the hills and wants to extend the range of his router to his home base. Can he do it directionally with a long distance antenna or router?

Leo says that Ubiquiti routers from is a good option. But there are sites for directional long range antennas. Leo recommends CountryMile WiFi by CCrane, which shows how to get long distant Wi-Fi through signal boosters and long range antennas. Ideally, he'll want line of sight. It's going to take some experimentation, but it's certainly doable.

Watch Eldred from California Comments

Eldred wants to have some cloud based storage to back up his wife's Samsung phone. Leo says that the Samsung backup utility will backup her app data, plus it comes with DropBox access for photos.

He could also roll his own cloud with the Transporter. For $99, they can buy a network dongle that attaches a hard drive to the cloud. They can put one in the house and one at work and they always stay in sync. It's a great, affordable solution that Leo uses all the time.

Eldred also wants to know if he needs Flash for his iPad. Leo says no. Flash is dying and even YouTube doesn't use it anymore.

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Watch Will from Bradford, PA Comments

Will makes videos on YouTube playing guitar. What video editing software should he use that offers a picture in picture capability? Leo says Final Cut Pro on the Mac will do it. Adobe Premiere will work, but it's a cloud based subscription solution now.

He's also noticed that there's ads on his youtube channel. Check out BradfordSoundman on YouTube.

Watch Will from Bradford, PA Comments

Will wants to know what Microphone Leo uses on the show. Leo says he uses the Heil Sound PR-40 dynamic table mics with BSW RE27POP Filter. And at only $350, it's a pretty good deal. He can learn more about what equipment Leo uses at the Brickhouse Studios at

Watch Delores from Van Nuys, CA Comments

Delores got a new Apple iPhone 6 and she's wondering if she doesn't need her landline anymore. Leo says that for emergencies, a landline is a good idea because it works when nothing else does. But there is more than just the phone company that offer landlines. She also wants to be able to use all of her devices at home. Leo says that she'll want a Wi-Fi router so that she can get online from all of her devices.

Leo also recommends that Delores call AT&T and demand a cheaper price for phone service and internet. She can even request lifeline service for about $5 a month if she's on a fixed income. There's CenturyLink, which costs $65 for Wi-Fi and landline. Much better than the $95 a month she's paying.

Watch Cecil from Palmdale, CA Comments

Cecil is using LastPass and wonders if he's safe using it even on a public Wi-Fi access point, like a hotel. Leo says absolutely. It encrypts all of his passwords and he'll be safe that way. Not even LastPass knows what his password is.

He should make sure he's also encrypting his email. Google is planning to do that through Android later this year.

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Watch Gregory from Long Beach, CA Comments

Gregory bought a big screen surround sound system and he's never been able to get better than 720p on his TV, not 1080i. Leo says that 1080i is 720p, so he's fine there. That's all Greg's 1080i TV can handle anyway.

Watch Flo from Olathe, KS Comments

Flo has a bunch of floppies from an old IBM Word Processor that her mother used for writing during the 90s. Her mom has passed away now, and Flo wants to know how she can get them off and onto something she can use. Leo says that it's going to be a challenge, especially since the age of the floppies could make it hard to harvest the data since it's non-standard. may be apple to help Flo. An expert who specializes in data recovery is likely Flo's best chance.

Here's some ideas from the Chatroom -

And Leo says that chances are, Flo will have to find the exact Word Processor in order to try and read them. EBay is the best for that.