Why can't I use my minijack on my computer?

Episode 1168 (2:28:46)

Dave from Los Angeles, CA
HP Envy 23

Dave recently got an HP Envy 23 All-in-One computer system. The problem is, there's a single jack for input/output and he can't get it to work for audio. He can use a USB based solution, but not a mic jack. Leo says that the USB mic is much better anyway since it's digital. Leo says that ripping albums requires a preamp in order to record them. Then he'll need an analog to digital converter. The one in his computer may not be as good and could add noise. Better to use a third party converter.

Chances are that Dave isn't using the right plug. He'll need a three ring plug. That will allow for two way communication. Dave is using a two ring and that just won't work. The chatroom says it may even be a four ring plug. The point is, he'll have to get the right connector.