What should I get for my next smartphone?

Episode 1168 (15:25)

Jacob from Louisianna
Droid Turbo

Jacob gets to upgrade his phone this month. He's thinking of the Droid Turbo on Verizon. Leo says he has one. It has a huge battery, but it's a bit chubby. Since it has a high resolution screen, it actually still deals with battery life issues. There are new phones coming, though, including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the third generation HTC One. Jacob doesn't like TouchWiz at all, which is why he prefers Motorola. Leo recommends the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 so he can use it at school. But if his heart is set on the Droid Turbo, he should go for it. The Nexus 6? Leo says it was disappointing.

Jacob wears an Android Wear watch. Leo likes that one, but says that Apple's new watch comes full circle since the iPhone has gotten people out of the habit of wearing a watch. Jacob likes his watch because he can use Google Now to send text messages from school, where they frown on using a smartphone. So he can keep the phone in his backpack and use his watch to keep informed.