What affordable tablet can I get for viewing the camera on my drone?

Episode 1168 (1:52:28)

John from Peter Pines Park, CA
Parrot Bebop Drone

John has a Bebop drone with Sky Controller. Leo says that Parrot AR is the company that made drones popular. Leo says that they've done an interesting thing with the Bebop because it has a wide angle camera and can use software to key in on what you want to look at. The camera is f2.2 and 14MP. It can be controlled with a smartphone, or by the optional Sky Controller.

John says he's having issues viewing the camera with his iPhone 5 because it's small. He wants to get a tablet that can work for it. What's the most affordable? Leo says that the iPad is going to be the only option and Apple offers a refurb program on tablets that have been returned. That's what Leo would do. An iPad Mini would be a great option. Or a refurbed iPad with retina display, which Apple sells for $299.