Should I upgrade to an iPhone 6 or go with the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Episode 1168 (2:18:01)

Brad from Pensacola, FL
Samsung Galaxy S6

Brad wants to know if he should get an iPhone 6 or wait for the Samsung Galaxy S6. He has an iPhone 5 and he hates it. Leo says the camera in the S6 is pretty good, but it may not be better than the iPhone 6, which is amazing. The Galaxy Note 4 has a camera that will probably be the same one as the S6 and it's great. But it may be a jarring jump to go from iPhone to Android.

Why does Samsung take so long to bring the Galaxy S6 online? Leo says it's not unusual for a company to announce something and release it a few months later. It'll be here April 10th. But it really comes down to whether or not he likes Android. Leo does. It comes down to taste and what he prefers. One isn't better than the other, be it hardware or software. It's only a month away, so why not wait? Then go into each store and try them out in hand.