Apple Watch Pricing and Availability Will Be Revealed Monday

Episode 1168 (02:08)

Apple Watch

Apple's "Spring Forward" event is coming Monday at 10am, Pacific time, and we'll learn more about the pricing and availability of the Apple Watch. We already know that there will be six different varieties in two sizes -- 38mm for small wrists, 42mm for larger wrists. We don't know how much it'll end up costing, but the least expensive will be $349 and could cost up to $5,000 or more for the gold version.

Leo says that rumors of higher priced options may be designed to get people excited when the costs come in much lower. Leo says that most will want the steel version, but the sport watch will be cheaper. Leo also says that he'll probably get a metal version, in spite of the silly marketing on how precise and involved the machining process is, but adds that spending several thousand dollars on a watch that will be obsolete in a year is fool hardy.