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Episode 1168 March 8, 2015

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jacob from Louisianna Comments

Jacob gets to upgrade his phone this month. He's thinking of the Droid Turbo on Verizon. Leo says he has one. It has a huge battery, but it's a bit chubby. Since it has a high resolution screen, it actually still deals with battery life issues. There are new phones coming, though, including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the third generation HTC One. Jacob doesn't like TouchWiz at all, which is why he prefers Motorola. Leo recommends the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 so he can use it at school. But if his heart is set on the Droid Turbo, he should go for it. The Nexus 6? Leo says it was disappointing.

Jacob wears an Android Wear watch. Leo likes that one, but says that Apple's new watch comes full circle since the iPhone has gotten people out of the habit of wearing a watch. Jacob likes his watch because he can use Google Now to send text messages from school, where they frown on using a smartphone. So he can keep the phone in his backpack and use his watch to keep informed.

Watch Jose from Realto, CA Comments

Jose still hasn't gotten the Android 5 Lollipop update. How can he force the update? Leo says to head on over to and look in the forums for how to root his specific phone. He should look for the model number of it. Once he's rooted it, he can replace the recovery software (ROM) with a custom one like Clockwork mod.

Once that's done, he can upgrade his OS to Lollipop, likely through Cyanogen Mod 12. Jose should understand that there is a risk of bricking the device. If he follows the instructions exactly and carefully, he should be successful.

Watch Jose from Realto, CA Comments

Jose needs to get his daughter a tablet. Leo recommends Kindles for Kids, which offers a free replacement program of their Kindle Fire in the first year. It runs Amazon's Fire OS, which is an augmented Android software. There's plenty of kids games, books, kids content. They're also inexpensive.

Watch Bill from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Bill bought an iPhone 6 and he's had a few issues with it. He's having issues with Google Calendar asking him to re-enter his credentials every time he wants to see his calendar. Leo says to go to Mail, Contacts and Calendars in the phone's settings and add his Google account there. He should check what services he wants, and then he won't ever have to log into it again.

Watch Bill from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Bill's iPhone 6 volume is really low on both the speakers and in his headphones. He can't hear it. Leo says that there may be a setting in the phone that limits it to protect hearing. So it may have been enabled on the iPhone 6. The setting is in Music, and it's called Volume Limit. It's off by default, but maybe it got turned on by mistake.

Watch David from Hollywood, CA Comments

David has an old iPod running iOS 6. Will there be a new iPod coming soon? Leo does think so. He thinks that Apple is pretty much ending development of the iPod since so many are buying iPhones now.

David could still buy an iPhone and just not activate it. Leo suggests going to Gazelle and buying a used, unactivated iPhone 5 or 5S. Then he'll be able to run iOS 8, just like an iPod. Leo says another option is T-Mobile's unlimited texting and data plan that costs $30 a month and has about 100 minutes of talk time.

The chatroom says that he can buy a new iPod Touch running iOS 8 for $200.

(Disclaimer: Gazelle is a sponsor)

Watch Jason from Orange County, CA Comments

Jason runs his business from his laptop and would like to have one computer that he can do everything on. Can he switch to Apple? Leo says sure! He can not only run a business from a Mac, but if he needs Windows, he can run that too. Macs are far more elegant in design.

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Watch David from Burbank, CA Comments

David has a Windows 7 Professional Machine and he's about to upgrade his computer. He wants to migrate everything over. Leo says that there is a Windows Migration Assistant, which is currently entitled Windows Easy Transfer. When he runs that, and it'll walk him through it by connecting both computers via Ethernet.

Leo says a better way to do it is to buy an external hard drive and connect it. Then copy his files to that drive. Leo says that even though he can run Windows migration assistant, that will only move his data, bookmarks, etc. He will still have to reinstall his old apps directly from scratch. The chatroom recommends CodeSector's TeraCopy.

Watch Joe from Knoxville,TN Comments

Joe is a HAM radio operator and he's been playing with a software defined radio. How can he recondition an old Ham Radio? Leo recommends watching HamNation on the TWiT Netcasting network. It'll give great tips and tricks from the guys who know.

Watch Ken from Chicago, IL Comments

Ken has a 2010 MacBook Pro that gets display errors all the time. Leo says that Apple has issued a recall on those MacBooks and will repair or replace it. He should go into About This Mac, and click the Service tab. This will tell him if it's available for recall. Ken's computer isn't covered under that program, and since he put an SSD in it, Apple won't service it. Leo says to take out the new SSD and put the old drive back in. Get it fixed and then put the SSD back in.

The Chatroom says that Apple is replacing the entire logic board, so it's well worth going through the hassle to do.

Watch Marie from Redlands, CA Comments

Marie is traveling to Great Britain and is worried about data charges on her iPhone 6. Leo says that Marie can go into her phone's settings and turn off Data Roaming. That's where the real data costs will rear it's ugly head. Then she can just depend on local Wi-Fi. She can also download the maps and keep them in the phone so she won't have to worry about getting lost with no data.

Another option is to buy an international data roaming plan, which includes 250MB for around $100. There's another option still, though. Leo says he was in Britain a few months ago with his iPhone and the nice thing about the iPhone 6 is that it has a SIM card. She can pop out her SIM and buy a local SIM in Great Britain. That means she'd have a local number and data plan. She may need to ask AT&T to unlock it in order to do that, though. But if she's had her phone for at least six months, she shouldn't have a problem.

Leo recommends checking out for details on what cards to buy locally.

Lastly, she can get a MiFi card which will create a Wi-Fi hotspot in her pocket, and she can put the local SIM in that.

Watch Pat from Lake Arrowhead, CA Comments

Pat is trying out a new phone service called Budget Mobile, which is free. Is that a good service? Leo says this is the government LifeLine phone. Leo likes the idea for low income people who can't afford the hefty costs of mobile phones. It includes 250 free minutes of talk, and 250 texts. Great deal.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch John from Peter Pines Park, CA Comments

John has a Bebop drone with Sky Controller. Leo says that Parrot AR is the company that made drones popular. Leo says that they've done an interesting thing with the Bebop because it has a wide angle camera and can use software to key in on what you want to look at. The camera is f2.2 and 14MP. It can be controlled with a smartphone, or by the optional Sky Controller.

John says he's having issues viewing the camera with his iPhone 5 because it's small. He wants to get a tablet that can work for it. What's the most affordable? Leo says that the iPad is going to be the only option and Apple offers a refurb program on tablets that have been returned. That's what Leo would do. An iPad Mini would be a great option. Or a refurbed iPad with retina display, which Apple sells for $299.

Watch Darren from San Diego, CA Comments

Darren has a brand new iPhone 6 and he's having trouble syncing his music to it from his MacBook Pro. He's missing several hundred songs and it keeps looking to sync, wearing down the battery. Doctor Mom says that if he has a music file that he's made himself, it could be blocking the sync. There's also two different bugs that can delay the sync. Here's a MacRumors link on them - If there's a bad track, it will cause it.

Leo recommends paying the $25 a year fee for iTunes Match, which will put all of his songs up in the cloud. It will match everything, even music that he's ripped from CDs, and it will replace them with high res copies in the cloud. Then he can delete them from his Mac and restore from iTunes Match. He'll then be able to re-download them, and have fresh versions that are better.

Watch Lance from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Lance is having issues using Skype in OS X Snow Leopard. It always crashes on launch. Leo says that it should work on Snow Leopard. Leo recommends completely uninstalling Skype. Merely dragging the icon to the trash isn't enough. Lance should look for additional files in Application support, and get rid of them.

He should run Disk Utility and App Cleaner to get rid of any traces of the application. He'll want to start from total scratch and then reinstall Skype. It should get backup and running for him. Odds are, there's bad file fragments lurking about that's causing it.

Another tip, use an unnamed Admin account and log into it. See if it will work there. If it does, then it's something in his account that has been corrupted.

Watch Brad from Pensacola, FL Comments

Brad wants to know if he should get an iPhone 6 or wait for the Samsung Galaxy S6. He has an iPhone 5 and he hates it. Leo says the camera in the S6 is pretty good, but it may not be better than the iPhone 6, which is amazing. The Galaxy Note 4 has a camera that will probably be the same one as the S6 and it's great. But it may be a jarring jump to go from iPhone to Android.

Why does Samsung take so long to bring the Galaxy S6 online? Leo says it's not unusual for a company to announce something and release it a few months later. It'll be here April 10th. But it really comes down to whether or not he likes Android. Leo does. It comes down to taste and what he prefers. One isn't better than the other, be it hardware or software. It's only a month away, so why not wait? Then go into each store and try them out in hand.

Watch Kenny from Texas Comments

Kenny wants to connect a series of cameras to his computer and use them for security. Leo says a better, more simple solution is a cloud based solution like DropCam, which will enable him to access it from anywhere in the world and even look back over the last year to see what's been going on. It's a great solution. He'll have to pay a monthly fee, but it's worth it. Leo uses them at the Brickhouse.

Watch Dave from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Dave recently got an HP Envy 23 All-in-One computer system. The problem is, there's a single jack for input/output and he can't get it to work for audio. He can use a USB based solution, but not a mic jack. Leo says that the USB mic is much better anyway since it's digital. Leo says that ripping albums requires a preamp in order to record them. Then he'll need an analog to digital converter. The one in his computer may not be as good and could add noise. Better to use a third party converter.

Chances are that Dave isn't using the right plug. He'll need a three ring plug. That will allow for two way communication. Dave is using a two ring and that just won't work. The chatroom says it may even be a four ring plug. The point is, he'll have to get the right connector.

Watch Cindy from Temecula, CA Comments

Cindy wants her phone to give her an audio notification when she has missed calls. The chatroom says it's an option under Accessibility, but Cindy says she's looked there.

There is also a place under Notifications in settings where she can get to it. She should go to Settings > Notifications > Phone, and then she can turn notifications for missed calls on or off there. has an article on how to change these settings here. She can have it play any sound she wants, too.