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Watch Mike from Portland, MN Comments

Mike wants to know what he should buy for his first smartphone. He's looking at the OnePlus One, the Moto G, and the Moto X, with Cricket Wireless. Leo says that Mike is pretty much decided on Android and Leo is pretty happy with it.

Leo says that the Motorola Moto E has remarkable battery life, although it has a lower res screen and is not as fast. But it has all the features of the G, and most of the features the X has. All for $150 out the door. What about storage? Leo says that most stuff is in the cloud these days, but even if he's crazy on apps, he'll only use about 20GB. So for basic use, 8GB works fine, as does 16GB. But Leo says that 32GB is a good place to start out to future proof his phone.

Leo likes the OnePlus One, but it isn't pure Android. It runs on a rooted and hacked version of Android called Cyanogen. Leo's worried since their deal with Cyanogen is running out and they're planning to do their own custom Android OS. And being a Chinese based company, support is a challenge. Leo likes the phone, but it's uncertain. Motorola is also owned by a Chinese company, Lenovo.

Leo also says that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming out next month and it'll be the fastest phone ever. So that may be worth a look if Mike can wait. If he wants to get something today, the Galaxy Note 4 is another good option.

Watch Martin from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Martin is into macro photography and he's getting into Adobe Lightroom. He's thinking of upgrading his Mac, and is wondering if Leo thinks Apple will release a new version of the MacBook Pro at the media event Monday the 9th. Leo doesn't think Apple would do that, but no one knows and it would actually be a good time for it. Apple was waiting for the new Intel laptop chips, which have now come out at CES. Dell, Lenovo, and HP have all built Windows machines with the 5th generation Intel processors, code named "Broadwell." So Leo expects Broadwell based MacBooks soon.

However, the performance of the new Broadwell chips won't be as much improved as battery life will. Martin also wants to know if the I/O speeds will be improved. Since Martin doesn't have an SSD now, he certainly will see a big improvement when he upgrades. The problem is he'll have less storage for his money, and with Lightroom, he'll have big files. Leo only keeps the current batch of his photos on the internal drive, and then at the end of each month or year (depending on how many photos there are), he can unload those photos to an external drive. Martin could even keep thumbnails of his photos in Lightroom, so when he clicks on a photo it will tell him what drive that photo is on.

So should Martin wait for the next generation MacBook Pro? Leo says the watch is going to overshadow everything on Monday, but there are other things that could be announced. But Leo thinks the laptops will be updated soon, even if it isn't at the event on Monday.

Watch Jennifer from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Jennifer wants to be able to control all her kids' devices at the router level so they can't work around it or stay up all night. She's also concerned the Verizon FiOS router could stop working. Leo says it may be a good idea to get an additional router for wireless applications and turn off wireless capability in the Verizon router, and just keep it wired. She should use the Apple Airport Extreme. Then she can work with the settings in the Airport under the Access Control List.

Leo says an even better way is to use OpenDNS. They have great parental controls and they can't crack into it like the router. But this should never take the place of talking to your kids and teaching them to act properly online.

Watch Dave from Chicago, IL Comments

Dave wants to know if he can downgrade his Google Nexus 7 from Lollipop because the update has really slowed down his tablet considerably. Leo says that he could try rooting it, and then put on a custom recovery that will allow him to do it. Dave should check out XDA Developer Forum for tips on how.

Leo recommends a full system restore first. It'll still be running Lollipop, but it will clean it up and possibly speed things up for him. If that doesn't fix the problem for him, then Leo suggests upgrading to a new tablet. Since Google has abandoned the smaller tablet size now in its Nexus line, Leo suggests going with a Samsung tablet. Dave says it's $189 at Costco.

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Watch Sean from Burbank, CA Comments

Sean bought a used HP Touchsmart computer running Windows 7. He's planning to restore it and wants to know if he should change the OS to 32 bit or keep it at 64 bit. Leo says it doesn't make any difference except for the amount of RAM he has. If it has more than 4GB, then he should keep 64 bit. If not, then go for 32 bit.

If he runs into issues with Windows Genuine Advantage, he may need to contact Microsoft. Is 64 bit faster? Leo says not always, in fact, in some cases it can even be slower. But with a massive amount of data, using 64 bit is faster.

Watch Tom from Missoula, MT Comments

Tom wants to be able to save text messages from an old iPhone. How can he do that? Leo says that if they were using an Apple system, it may already be saved through Apple's cloud services. He can also contact the phone carrier to see if they save copies of the messages.

The Chatroom says iExplorer from Macroplant could do it. Macroplant has a tutorial on how to do it here.

Watch Michael from West Los Angeles, CA Comments

Michael is having trouble with Facebook. He wrote a graphic novel that has a disabled character as the hero. He's trying to raise money on Kickstarter, but Facebook isn't letting him promote it to the people who have liked his page. Nobody is getting his posts.

Leo says this is a common complaint with Facebook now since they've altered the algorthm under the premise of "making the timeline better." But nobody really knows if they're getting all the posts. It's better to change the feed to "most recent" instead of top stories. Michael should tell his followers to do that. Facebook also wants him to pay for the exposure, too. And truth is, as useful a platform Facebook is, this is a prime reason why he shouldn't rely on it. Facebook's interest is to make him use Facebook, not for everyone to see what he posts. Leo says that Twitter is making moves to do the same thing. And that's unfortunate.

Check out this page -

Watch Vicki from Anaheim, CA Comments

Vicki keeps getting notified about doing an upgrade to Yosemite. But being a private investigator, she's afraid to upgrade because it could break the software she uses. Leo says that's a legitimate fear. In general, if she's doing work on it, it's good to always be slow in performing major updates. She could consider doing it in between cases or while on vacation, perhaps. A major upgrade like that can break her software, or with a utility like iDVD, Apple may decide not to support it any longer and not include it in the next version of the operating system.

This is a good reason to image the drive. Leo likes SuperDuper for the Mac for that. It would allow her to make a bootable copy of the drive in case it crashes. Or if she tries the upgrade and it doesn't work, she can go back to the SuperDuper copy.

Watch Sean from Oxnard, CA Comments

Sean is having issues with his iPhone. It's demanding he activate it again. His carrier is AT&T. Leo's wondering if the SIM card has come loose, gone bad, or fallen out. Leo says to go to AT&T and ask them to replace the SIM.

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Watch Diana from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Diana is going back to school and she needs a low cost laptop. Leo says that the HP Stream is a great deal at $200. The larger the screen though, the more expensive.

Diana says she needs a 17". Leo says that will add a lot of cost and they are hard to find. HP has a 17" Pavilion for $449. Lenovo has one for $500, but not with a touch screen.

It may be a good idea is to get an HP Stream and then add an external monitor when she needs it. A touch screen will be a good idea for Diana because of her disability.

Watch Bob from Lancaster, CA Comments

Bob is frustrated with the touchpad on laptops that won't allow him to keep scrolling down without pressing the left mouse button to continue. Leo says that can be caused when the window has "lost focus." So he'd need to click on it to make that window the front most window. He should look around to see what's stealing focus from his browser.

Watch Don from Cranston, RI Comments

Don uses his Mac as a Windows machine and he's thinking of getting a NUC. Leo says that a NUC is an interesting idea -- it's kind of like a Windows version of the Mac Mini. Leo likes them. Leo says that if Windows doesn't have drivers for it, Intel will have them to download. Don can then put them on a thumb drive and install them. It's a good choice for a barebones system.

Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil watches House of Cards on Netflix with his Roku. He's noticed that subtitles come on intermittently. Leo says it could be Closed Captioning that is turned on. Subtitles may be on in the Roku settings as well. Neil should press the down arrow on the remote and make sure all subtitles are turned off.

There's a conversation on the Roku subreddit here - One suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app. There's also an audio/subtitles option. Select English for that.

Neil can also check out this Facebook discussion -

Watch Carol from Morrow Bay, CA Comments

Carol's Nextbook doesn't have Bluetooth, and she's wondering how she could add that. Leo says Carol can't. It's a hardware shortcoming. She's also having trouble saving apps to the memory card. Leo says that apps can go on a memory card only if they don't have widgets. If they do, then they won't work if they're on the SD card.