Should I wait for the Samsung Galaxy S6 or buy the Note 4?

Episode 1166 (2:26:12)

Mike from Paris, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Mike is looking to replace his tablet and smartphone with a larger screen phone. But should he get the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Note 4? Leo says that the Note 4 is larger, has removable batteries, and has a stylus, while the S6 doesn't. And the Note 4 is available now. So Leo would get that.

When will the next Note come out? Leo says he doesn't know, but it's pretty safe to assume it will be one year apart. The Galaxy S6 is very elegant, though, with more metal instead of plastic and a better camera. And the Edge is interesting because the screen curves along the side. It looks beautiful, and it's a marked improvement from the current model. It has Gorilla Glass 4, which is the hardest yet. But it doesn't have extra storage or a replaceable battery, so Leo still recommends the Note 4.

Mike is also worried about PDFs and security. Leo says to make sure that his browser doesn't autolaunch PDFs or run third party software, and he'll be fine.