How can I stream video with my DSLR?

Episode 1166 (1:49:41)

Ron from Tustin, CA
HDMI to USB converter

Ron's son has an account on The Cube, a high school sports streaming site. Ron would like to use his DSLR to stream live to it, but it won't work via USB. Leo says that USB isn't designed for a live video feed. Live video could be used via HDMI. So if that works, then he'll need an HDMI converter or video capture device to then be able to convert it for the stream. If his computer has HDMI in, then he's golden.

He did get it to work, but his menu settings showed up in the feed. Leo says there's menu settings in the camera that can turn that off -- except the battery. Leo says that there may be a time limit for shooting as well, as most DSLR cameras shut down after 30 minutes.

Monoprice makes a very affordable HDMI to USB converter. If it's USB 3, it'll be fast enough. He'll want a live HDMI out with a clean feed and he can see it by plugging it into his TV.

Blackmagic also works great, but they don't work well with Dell.