Is "Google Redirects" malware?

Episode 1166 (1:59:04)

David from Herndon, VA

David has been having issues with Google Redirects, which takes him nowhere. Is that malware? Leo says yes. It's a common practice of evoking the names of trusted companies. It's most definitely a virus or malware designed to redirect him to either more malware laden pages or advertisers that they want. But he'd have to install it. This is why it's important to run as a limited or standard user, and not an administrator. David tried to uninstall, but it won't. Leo says that's because malware doesn't want to be uninstalled, so they make it very hard to remove. Here's how to remove it:

But even that may not work because some viruses install a root kit that prevent it from being removed because it can't see it. Microsoft has a root kit revealer which can show if he has one. He can get to it at And for that, all he can really do is backup his data, format his hard drive and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.