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Watch Kelly from Fuquay-Varina, NC Comments

Kelly's DSL is incredibly slow. Their house is "cable ready," but they don't have the ability to connect to cable since the nearest connection is a mile away. Leo says that there are good satellite providers like Wild Blue out there, but it's very easy to overwhelm the satellite bandwidth and they usually have low caps. So if Kelly is a heavy user, then that's not a good option.

She could try wireless through the phone, which could be faster, but she'd have to pay more to get more. Verizon can also offer you home internet access, but he farther you are from the central office, the slower it is, which is why Kelly's DSL is slow slow. That's the penalty for living in a rural area. It's going to take a substantial investment to change, and unfortunately, there's no money in it.

Cradlepoint does make a router that will give bond internet connections for better speeds. Google has a plan for people in more rural areas as well, called Project Loon, which will have weather balloons that will float all over the world and act as internet access points.

Watch Paul from Scottsdale, AZ Comments

Paul accidentally chose Chinese as his iMac's main language. He thought it would be easy to fix, but it actually got worse. Leo says that every Mac has a really great recovery solution. All he needs to do is reboot the Mac with CMD R and it will give him options to reinstall the OS from the Internet. Apple will then download and install the proper operating system. Some Macs may require OSX Lion to do it though. If he needs to do network recovery, Here's how -

Watch Rusty from San Diego, CA Comments

Rusty is interested in cutting cable, and wants to know how he can do that. Leo says that if he's in an area where he can get over the air local channels with an antenna, then he can get most of his live programming free. Check out for suggestions on the best antennas for his area.

Another option is Then he'll need to have a good broadband internet connection. But in reality, ISPs have begun to raise internet rates, and then after he adds Netflix, Hulu and other premium streaming channels, he could end up spending the same. But at least he's not spending money on things he doesn't want.

Leo suggests Rusty pick up a Roku 3 streaming box. Or, if he's in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple TV. Rusty should keep in mind the farther he is from the DSL office, the slower his speed gets. Conversely, the more people using cable streaming, the slower the speed.

What speed is best for streaming? Netflix publishes speed recommendations here.

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Watch Paul from Daytona Beach, FL Comments

Paul has a friend who is paralyzed with ALS and has to use an eyetracker to do things. Is there anything that can be used in Windows to do every day tasks? Leo says that the chatroom recommends Insteon, it has an Home Automation Windows Phone app. But Leo recommends looking into a local non profit for adaptive living. They would be more adept at what's the current state of the art. Pluem. Home Seer.

If you'd like to help there's a GoFundMe page ... check out

Watch Wayne from Irvine, CA Comments

Wayne is going to be out in the Arctic for three months and there's no internet access out there. There is a nearby community on an archipelago that has cellular service, however. Can he get cellular on the ship that will connect? Wayne also wants to know if Leo has heard of a company called KnowRoaming. It uses a sticker that changes the electronics of the SIM in the phone to avoid paying the international roaming fees.

Leo says it may be possible since it has some circuitry on it. But he should be wary and make sure he reads reviews. He'll also need an unlocked phone. There's a review on Forbes, but it's from a contributor. If Wayne can just get a local sim from the cellular company, that may be a better option. Check out

Watch Eric from Northridge, CA Comments

Eric wants to know how to image his hard drive onto a replacement drive.

Imaging options include:

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Watch Kathy from Oxnard, CA Comments

Kathy has an Epson Workforce printer and she can print to it, but she can't scan from the front panel and output it to the computer. Leo says she can scan to Google Drive, but to scan to her computer, she would probably need to scan from the computer itself. It works on her Windows computer, just not her Mac. Leo says that may be a driver issue. Epson has an FAQ on its support site, though.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Duke from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Duke wants to be able to rip his LPs and burn them to CDs. His turntable is a good one, but he doesn't know how to get it into the computer. Leo says that turntables are unbalanced. He'd need a preamp with a turntable connection. He should turn the amp on the turntable setting and then connect the amp into the computer, which has a minijack in, which would require an adapter.

Watch Ted from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Ted's Browser crashes every time he tries to open it. Leo says he'll need to clear the cache and reset the browser. He can go into Control Panel > Internet options > Advanced > Reset Settings/Clear Cache. Ted will lose his cached stuff including bookmarks and cookies, but it may fix it.

In Add/Remove programs there's also a "REPAIR I.E." function. Once he has it fixed, Leo suggests downloading Chrome. It's more secure.

He can also download a copy of Firefox through the command line with FTP. Mozilla has information on how to do this at

Watch Tony from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Tony can't start up his installation of Windows without getting a blue screen. Leo suggests trying to start up in Safe Mode to see if he can get into Windows that way. Chances are, it's a hard drive corruption issue, or a damaged system file. If he can get to a text prompt, then he should reset the system configuration data. Then he can reset BIOS.

If he can't get it to work at all on his system, he should pull the drive from the laptop and plug it into another computer as an external drive to get the data off. But if he has a backup, then just format the hard drive and then recover the backup.