Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1163 (27:04)

Scott got an email from a viewer that wants to hold viewing parties. He wants to create a 150' screen, but the problem is that the room he uses has windows. How can he black them out? Leo suggests curtains. Scott agrees and says that Black Out shades are even better. Fixed and custom made inserts that will black out those windows when you insert them into the Window frame. That's the best idea. Scott also recommends the Epson 5030UB projector $2300, and there's Elite Screen's 150" with Cinegrade 5D screen material. Leo also recommends screens from They're very affordable. You can also buy specially formulated screen material, called "Screen Goo," but that is largely dependent on the wall you're using. AVRs Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha. What about Onkyo? Scott has recommended them, but he hears of problems with the HDMI board.