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Watch Tom from Charlotte, NC Comments

Tom and his wife has an iPhone 6 Plus, and she wants to transfer an old ringtone from her iPhone 5 to her new iPhone. Leo says they should be sure to have the latest version of iOS because there was a bug that deleted ring tones that was fixed recently. They'll need iOS 8.1.2.

Import the ringtone into iTunes, and then they can sync it back to the iPhone 6. Tom and his wife can also create their own ringtones through iTunes, and they can find out how to do that here ( There's also an OS X app called RingTones that will also create it.

Watch Clare from Fallbrook, CA Comments

Clare wants to find a cloud based solution that allows her to share files with employees in China. Leo says that can be a challenge because the Chinese government takes a dim view of cloud based traffic like DropBox.

The way around that would be to host her own cloud solution that's encrypted. She can use the File Transporter to host it, and then she can share activity with others all over the world. That way they can access the file server on the network without worrying about being blocked. She can get one in China and one here and they can sync.

Watch Velma from Torrance, CA Comments

Velma would like to grab audio clips and use them to teach English as a second language (ESL). Leo says that Applian makes ReplayRadio. It will let her schedule and record radio that will do the job nicely.

Leo says that podcasts are a great resource for that as well. And there's a broad variety of topics, to accents, and more.

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Watch Adam from West Covina, CA Comments

Adam is creating an art exhibit, and he wants to do video installations with three video screens per computer. He's looking for a wireless solution. Leo says that a wireless solution with three different video screens would be a real challenge. Wired is going to be the better method here.

Scott says that an RF solution may be a good way to go, but that's analog. Gefen and WaveCom Jr. works. Scott Wilkinson also DVDO and Belkin also have RF based solutions.

Watch Andrew from Riverside, CA Comments

Andrew's friend put Linux on his computer without his knowledge and wants to know if he can get his data back. Leo says it's possible that he didn't wipe the drive at all and just added Linux to it. If that's the case, then the data is probably intact. If he formatted the drive, then there's a problem.

The chatroom says there's a program called Boot-Repair which can see it and then setup the boot loader in order to fix it. There's also a boot repair command here -

But if he wiped the drive, it's all gone. This is why it's so important to ALWAYS backup before doing something major to a computer.

Watch Doug from Manhattan, MT Comments

Doug has a laptop and he can't see anything on the screen. Leo says there are a few things that can cause that. First, he should shine a light on it. If he can see the faint ghosting of Windows, then the backlight in the laptop has gone bad. It could also be that the ribbon cable that connects the LCD to the laptop has broken. That's an easy fix. If his laptop has a video out connection, he should try connecting it to an external monitor. If he can see Windows then, he will know it's a bad screen. The motherboard may be bad, too. Or it could be that the hard drive died and it can't boot up the OS. Chances are, though, it's the screen.

Another possibility is that he's accidentally turned off the screen with a function key. It can happen.

Watch Lunella from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Lunella doesn't like the idea of TV being on the Internet. It just uses too much data. Leo says that there's more bandwidth available that we currently use, and it can be expanded infinitely. Having said that, the bottle neck occurs in the "last mile," where the ISP isn't providing enough bandwidth. The real issue is power consumption.

Watch Howard from Tarzana, CA Comments

Howard creates fonts as a hobby and he's even sold some. But he's having issues being able to install fonts in Windows 7. He sees that it's there, but he can't see it in an application or in the font folder. Leo says that Howard may have routed the font in an improper fashion that caused it to go wrong. He should right click on the font and use install. Here's how - That will make it work properly.

Also, Windows 7 has a limit of 500 fonts it can use. So removing some could make it work better. There's also a tech note from Microsoft on how to fix it -

Here's another page with information on how to restore the original Windows 7 font folder -

Check out this book: Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works -

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Watch Dwayne from Aurora, CO Comments

Dwayne misses the days of having an actual user manual. Leo says those days are long gone. Everything is to be found online. Dwayne also says there's an app for Android he wants to put on his computer. Is that dangerous?

Leo says that Android is safe because it's largely an emulator that runs programs, so it's easy to run Virtual Machine, or Bluestacks and run it. But it's a bit disappointing because emulators don't use the Google store, so the availability of apps is limited. He could sideload the .APK file, though.

Watch John from Sonoma, CA Comments

John would like to replace his Windows Home Server with a NAS. Leo says that is possible and the way we have approached computing has changed drastically over the years. NetGear's ReadyNAS works great, as does Synology.

John wants to know if Apple users should use ReadyNAS? Leo says absolutely, but nobody is going to make one that doesn't work with Mac. Leo says that Synology's NAS design is really easy to use and he recommends them. He could also run MacServer on a MacMini. But Leo says all too often, a third party is the better way to go.

Watch Adrian from Jackson, TN Comments

Adrian is worried that the FCCs proposed Net Neutrality rules are still worse than what we have now. What can he do to have his concerns known? Leo says that the need to protect the Internet is important and most people who are sounding the alarm bells really don't understand it. But if he's concerned, he should go to the FCC and email the commissioners. They're going to be the ones who make the decision on the new rules. You can find their email addresses here:

Chairman Tom Wheeler:
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn:
Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel:
Commissioner Ajit Pai:
Commissioner Michael O’Rielly: Mike.O'

Watch Mike from Denver, CO Comments

Mike wants to know the highest quality sound he can play on his iPod. Leo says at 320kbps AAC, but they also support AIFF and ALAC. ALAC is the highest quality he can get. But he'll want to be sure to rip the CDs uncompressed so he can start with the absolute best option.