What's a good laptop for a trucker?

Episode 1162 (42:33)

Jamie from New Hampsire
Lenovo W550s

Jamie is a trucker and he wants to know what is a good laptop for him? Leo says that the Dell XPS 13 is his current favorite and would be great on the road.

But if he wants a larger one, like a desktop replacement, then Lenovo makes some great laptops for that. They're the old Thinkpads. Since Jamie is a gamer, he'd want one with discrete graphics like the ThinkPad W550s. It's robust, has good sound, and has noise canceling duel HD mics. For gamers, however, Leo usually recommends Alienware. But in Jamie's case, the ThinkPad will work out well. An SSD would be better for him too, since there are less moving parts and will be faster.