What PC should I get for Minecraft?

Episode 1162 (16:22)

Rider from Manhattan Beach, CA
Dell XPS 13

Rider is saving up his pennies to get a laptop to play Minecraft and other games with. Leo says that just about any computer will be able to play Minecraft. A Mac will work as well. But more graphics intensive games may require a more powerful processor. Rider also wants the Oculus Rift, but Leo says it's just too early for that to happen. We don't know when that will be out. And by the time it does come out, Microsoft will have its HoloLens which Leo thinks would be even better.

Leo says the best PC laptop on the market now starts at $800, so maybe Mom and Dad can help with it. It's the new Dell XPS 13, and it could even make Rider's Mac using Mom and Dad jealous. Another, much less expensive option is the HP Stream, which is $200 to $300 depending on the size. It would be great for a first laptop.

Since Rider is so smart for his age, Leo thinks he should learn programming. Leo recommends Rider get Tynker on his iPad to help him get started with it.