FAA Releases Proposed New Drone Rules

Episode 1162

With the recent loss of a quadcopter on White House grounds, the need for more specific FAA rules on drone use has become more important. And yesterday, the FAA released proposed new rules for doing just that. The rules include that drones must be under 55 lbs, fly under 500 feet and go no faster than 100 mph. There would be an age limit of 17 and you must pass a aereonautics exam and be vetted by the FAA. But you wouldn't need a license. The rules have a public comment of 60 days.

The president also signed an executive order on how the government will use drones in various agencies. That will include publishing details on how they will be used, and will guard against privacy and discrimination. Leo says that while these rules are necessary, the FAA has no way to really police them.