What can I use to create training videos?

Episode 1161 (56:51)

Mike from Mission Viejo, CA

Mike would like to create videos for training and use them to train others on Adobe. Leo says that Adobe has a good utility called Captivate that is designed for e-learning. The monthly subscription to create e-learning videos is $30.

The chatroom says Articulate Storyline is another. It works on tablets and desktops. It features screen capture and interactivity. Mike could also consider Screencastomatic and Camtasia. Mike can also use YouTube with HTML 5 and have them go there.

How about a good microphone? Leo says USB based microphones that he uses for Skype work best. Plantronics Dot Audio 655 is what Leo sends out to his guests. Or Mike could get a Heil PR40 with a FocusRite Scarlet.