How can I use my phone in Europe?

Episode 1161 (11:13)

Andre from Burbank, CA

Andre is taking his wife on a trip overseas and he wants to use his phone to post to Instagram and other social networks. Leo says that data oversees is a huge and expensive topic because people are wired everywhere, even when they travel. But he won't want to roam in another country because data roaming in obscenely expensive. The first thing he'll want to do it disable data roaming. He'd be surprised how many people come home to a data bill in the thousands and they hardly even used data.

Andre can use Wi-Fi in his hotel and local internet cafes. He can also cache his maps so he can download local maps and then follow them around. He can also buy an international data roaming plan from his carrier, but it's expensive and he won't get as much data as he thinks he does.

Another option is to have his phone unlocked for the trip and get a local sim card with a local number and data. Andre can go to to find out what companies in the country he's traveling to offer prepaid sim cards with data.