Is the Chromecast a good way to get more TV content without buying more Dish channels?

Episode 1161 (1:48:33)

Daniel from Lake Forest, CA

Daniel is wondering if a Google Chromecast would be a good way to get more content without buying more Dish channels. He also was wondering if he could get local channels. Leo says he wouldn't get local channels with a Chromecast. The Supreme Court's decision against Aereo, a service that would stream local channels for a small fee, it will be unlikely for awhile to get local channels online.

The idea of the Chromecast is that he'd have a device, iPhone or Android, with Chromecast compatible software. Then he'd select the Chromecast from the YouTube app, and play it from the device. The content would play directly from the Chromecast, but it can be controlled from the iOS or Android device. There are more and more apps available that will make use of this, including Netflix and Hulu, but it won't work with everything.

Sling has a new service called, which will give him CNN, ESPN, and a bunch of Disney channels streaming online for $20 a month.