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Watch Andre from Burbank, CA Comments

Andre is taking his wife on a trip overseas and he wants to use his phone to post to Instagram and other social networks. Leo says that data oversees is a huge and expensive topic because people are wired everywhere, even when they travel. But he won't want to roam in another country because data roaming in obscenely expensive. The first thing he'll want to do it disable data roaming. He'd be surprised how many people come home to a data bill in the thousands and they hardly even used data.

Andre can use Wi-Fi in his hotel and local internet cafes. He can also cache his maps so he can download local maps and then follow them around. He can also buy an international data roaming plan from his carrier, but it's expensive and he won't get as much data as he thinks he does.

Another option is to have his phone unlocked for the trip and get a local sim card with a local number and data. Andre can go to to find out what companies in the country he's traveling to offer prepaid sim cards with data.

Watch Peter from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Peter has an old iPhone with a ton of photos on it that he needs to backup. How can he move them off directly without using iTunes? Leo says there's plenty of ways to skin that cat. All he needs to do is connect via USB and his computer will create a popup of the Windows Image Viewer which will transfer the images directly to his computer. Leo also recommends Picasa for it. He doesn't need iTunes for it, but he will need iTunes for any other data on that phone. He can check out this Apple Support Document on Importing photos and videos to your PC.

(Image by Dan Taylor from London, UK).

Watch Loretta from Berlin, MD Comments

Loretta's Apple computer keeps "beach balling," and hangs up. This is OS X's way of saying that the computer is busy. If it's there for a long time, something is holding the computer up like a bad program or a failing hard drive. Most likely, there's a bad sector or two on the hard drive that's causing it and it could be the beginnings of a failing drive. Leo recommends going to and getting a new hard drive. It should be pretty simple to replace. Loretta should backup her old hard drive first.

Watch Terry from Long Beach, CA Comments

Terry wants to know if there's a way he can get a discount on Leo says he can get a free trial, but isn't sure about a discount on it. Leo recommends checking out iTunes U, since there are a million free courses there, many of them from universities. For casual use, he should start with iTunes U and Kahn Academy. Another option is to look for tutorials on YouTube.

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Watch Daniel from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Daniel is wondering if a Google Chromecast would be a good way to get more content without buying more Dish channels. He also was wondering if he could get local channels. Leo says he wouldn't get local channels with a Chromecast. The Supreme Court's decision against Aereo, a service that would stream local channels for a small fee, it will be unlikely for awhile to get local channels online.

The idea of the Chromecast is that he'd have a device, iPhone or Android, with Chromecast compatible software. Then he'd select the Chromecast from the YouTube app, and play it from the device. The content would play directly from the Chromecast, but it can be controlled from the iOS or Android device. There are more and more apps available that will make use of this, including Netflix and Hulu, but it won't work with everything.

Sling has a new service called, which will give him CNN, ESPN, and a bunch of Disney channels streaming online for $20 a month.

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Watch Terry from Long Beach, CA Comments

Terry has an iPhone 6 and wants to know if he should jailbreak his phone. Leo says that there's no real upside to jailbreaking an iPhone anymore. And there's always a security concern installing unauthorized apps that are available at other sites. There really isn't anything he can't without by jailbreaking.

Watch Mike from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Mike would like to create videos for training and use them to train others on Adobe. Leo says that Adobe has a good utility called Captivate that is designed for e-learning. The monthly subscription to create e-learning videos is $30.

The chatroom says Articulate Storyline is another. It works on tablets and desktops. It features screen capture and interactivity. Mike could also consider Screencastomatic and Camtasia. Mike can also use YouTube with HTML 5 and have them go there.

How about a good microphone? Leo says USB based microphones that he uses for Skype work best. Plantronics Dot Audio 655 is what Leo sends out to his guests. Or Mike could get a Heil PR40 with a FocusRite Scarlet.

Watch Corrine from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Corrine has an iPad Mini that she uses with Airplay and Apple TV. She upgraded to iOS 8, but she can't see it. Apparently there is a mirroring issue with the Mini after a recent update. Leo says it's important to also update her Apple TV when she updates her iPhone. If she does that, chances are, it'll work.

The chatroom also says she has to scroll deeper into the menu to see it. Leo says she can go into her contacts application in the Mac, merge all of her contact duplicates and it'll merge them on the next sync.

Watch Mark from Altoona, PA Comments

Mark has a huge hard drive with over 300,000 songs and videos. Is there any software that can go through the list and remove any corrupted or damaged files automatically? Leo says that Media Monkey has some great tagging and music management features. It's free to try. Mark could have it reorganize his folders, but if there's a corrupted file, there's no real way to know it unless he plays it.

The chatroom also advises backing up the music before he messes around with it, just in case tragedy strikes. Another option is a program called Mixed In Key.

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Watch Bruce from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Bruce has used both the iPad and Android tablets and he doesn't like either of them. He wants something that can run Windows programs, chiefly ACT for his business. Leo recommends the Surface Pro 3, which has strong features including a great screen and running full version of Windows. Bruce has a huge credit at Dell though. Leo says that the Dell Venue 8 is affordable, runs a full version of Windows. Paul Thurrott of Windows SuperSite loves it.

Watch Daniel from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Larry has a Samsung tablet and he'd like to watch YouTube videos without using Wi-Fi. Is there something that will allow him to cache the videos locally? Leo says that there are a number of sites that would allow him to do this. An app called TubeSock Pro will do it. is a website where can input the link and it will give him download options.

Other sites include:

Watch Howard from Tampa, FL Comments

Howard has an Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone that he's rooted. He's thinking of upgrading to the new Note 4 at full price to keep his unlimited data plan. Leo says that's the way to do it. Should he go with the Note 4 or the Nexus 6? Or should he just keep his Note 2 and buy a tablet? Leo says that is interesting, he'll just keep using his old note 2 as a phone and use the tablet as his mobile computer. Those large Note phones are closer to a tablet size anyway. The Note 4 is really better. Great camera, and the stylus/pressure sensitivity is improved. It's one of the best phones of 2014. The Nexus 6 is a bit of a downer for the price. No removable battery, no stylus. But it does have a larger screen. Leo says it's pretty bland, though. Howard should go with the Note 4. The only benefit of a Nexus 6 is pure Android that's always updated first.

Watch Elizabeth from Irvine, CA Comments

Elizabeth's Mac at work runs OS X Yosemite and with the latest update, she's having issues with how to look at the columns. They're too wide! Leo says that she can adjust and shrink the column sizes, add other columns, and remove others. It's completely customizable. But Elizabeth says that when she closes out the window and goes back in, it reverts back. How can she permanently save the settings? Leo says that sometimes when a company updates an OS, some features fall by the wayside and it sounds like this may be one of them. Leo says that if she holds down the option key while making those changes, it should change and remember them. If not, running Disk Utility should repair that.