Should I get a Windows 8 laptop?

Episode 1160 (37:53)

Susan from Friday Harbor, WA
Dell XPS 13

Susan has an old Windows XP machine that she needs to replace. Can she still get a Windows 7 laptop? Leo says no, Microsoft ended Microsoft 7 release machines last October. She can buy a Windows 8 machine and then put Windows 7 on it, though.

Windows 10 is coming this Fall, and Microsoft will offer a free upgrade to it. So there's no real need to worry about having a Windows 8 machine. Leo says go ahead and buy one and see if she can live with it. She can even set it to boot to the desktop.

Will it drive an external monitor? Leo says absolutely. He just bought a Dell XPS 13 and it's small, light, and can drive a large screen no problem. Dell may even have a few Windows 7 machines available, so she should ask them about it. Leo also thinks that Susan may like a MacBook Air. It can also run Windows, if she wants it.