If I change my ISP, will I lose my email address?

Episode 1160 (1:48:24)

Tamar from Los Angeles, CA

Tamar has been using AT&T for 15 years and she's been thinking of changing her internet service provider. She wants to know if she can keep her AT&T email, though. Leo says no. That's an AT&T domain name and as such, once she cancels her account, the email will get shut down.

Tamar wants to move to Time Warner Cable, but she doesn't want to get rid of her TV service through DirecTV. Leo says she doesn't have to have cable TV through Time Warner, she could just get internet. It may cost her about $10-20 more, though.

Is 45Mbps down OK or should she get 100Mbps? Leo says that 45 is better than what most people use. That will be great for streaming media. But if Tamar can upgrade her AT&T DSL service to 45 Mbps, that might be a better option. There are a lot of factors to be considered with internet speed, so 100Mbps from a cable company may not be better than 45Mbps from DSL. Leo thinks she should just upgrade the service she has, especially since she'd lose her email address if she switched.