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Episode 1160 February 8, 2015

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Louis has a first generation Mac Pro and he's thinking of getting a new Mac Mini instead. He has a few extra hard drives, and is wondering how he could use them as external storage. Should he get a Drobo? Leo says that Drobo's tend to be a bit pricey and overkill for the average person. It's for multiple drives for data redunancy.

The easiest thing he could do is to buy an external USB 3 enclosure and use it that way. Another option is Synology. A good project would be to take that old Mac Pro and turn it into Network attached storage (NAS) itself.

Watch Brian from Hamilton, ONT CAN Comments

Brian is thinking about changing camera systems from the Canon EOS Rebel T3i to the Sony Alpha 6000. Leo says that mirrorless cameras have really taken off because their quality has improved and they are smaller. It has a similar APS-C sensor as the Canon T3i. Leo says if he can swing it, pay the extra and get the Sony A7II or A7S with its full frame sensor.

Leo also recommends micro 4/3s cameras like the Olympus OM-D. But that's even smaller than APS-C. If he's taking a lot of astral photography, a full frame sensor is his best bet, especially with a fast lens.

Watch Susan from Friday Harbor, WA Comments

Susan has an old Windows XP machine that she needs to replace. Can she still get a Windows 7 laptop? Leo says no, Microsoft ended Microsoft 7 release machines last October. She can buy a Windows 8 machine and then put Windows 7 on it, though.

Windows 10 is coming this Fall, and Microsoft will offer a free upgrade to it. So there's no real need to worry about having a Windows 8 machine. Leo says go ahead and buy one and see if she can live with it. She can even set it to boot to the desktop.

Will it drive an external monitor? Leo says absolutely. He just bought a Dell XPS 13 and it's small, light, and can drive a large screen no problem. Dell may even have a few Windows 7 machines available, so she should ask them about it. Leo also thinks that Susan may like a MacBook Air. It can also run Windows, if she wants it.

Watch Mike from Wrightwood, CA Comments

Mike uses his phone as his internet access and he wants to use Netflix from his Android phone wired to his HDTV, but he has issues with audio sync. Leo suspects that the phone isn't powerful enough to drive it. He did get a Chromecast, but it requires a Wi-Fi signal to work.

There are other options. Leo says that using a MiFi card may help, because then it would convert the 4G signal to Wi-Fi. Also, because he rooted the phone, that could be adding to the issue. But rooting helps him to tether and use the Chromecast that way. This could violate his deal with Sprint, though.

Easy Tether will do tethering without rooting. But he'll probably end up having to pay for the privilege.

Watch Julian from Orange County, CA Comments

Julian would like an app for Windows that allows him to put text on pictures. Leo recommends Google's Picasa. It's free, and it'll let him put text on his pictures, but also GeoTag each one so he can organize them on a map. Another option is, a free and simple replacement for Microsoft's own Paint program.

Watch Bruce from Irvine, CA Comments

Leo says the key to getting a "world phone" from Verizon is getting one that will allow a SIM chip. Also, he should make sure the phone he has is compatible with the radio frequencies of the places he's visiting. A newer iPhone would be more compatible than the iPhone 4S because the iPhone 6 is a world phone that runs LTE.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Julian from Orange County, CA Comments

Julian would like to upgrade his Asus TF700T 4.2 tablet with detachable keyboard because he's getting a warning that says "website not responding." Leo says this could actually be an issue with router. Julian says there's a lot of other issues they're having with the tablet, though, and he'd like to upgrade it to an Android 5.0 device.

Leo says that right now, only Google tablets have Android 5.0. It takes a few more months because tablet companies like Asus and Samsung need to install it on their devices. Julian can look at the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, which Leo says may be better than Asus.

Watch Bruce from Irvine, CA Comments

Bruce is a pilot and he bought a Sony DSC-RX100 as per Leo's recommendation. But it tends to focus on the windshield of his airplane, and not what he's trying to photograph. Leo says that the RX100 does have manual focus. He can set it to program mode, enable DMF, and turn the ring on infinity.

Watch Max from Milpitas, CA Comments

Max's laptop is freezing up a lot, and he thinks it may be his Chrome Browser. He gets a lot of application errors. Leo suggests removing and reinstalling Google Chrome. He should also try clearing the history by selecting "Clear Browsing Data." Then Max should look at his extensions to see if any of them are corrupted. In the end, reinstalling Chrome will probably fix it.

Watch Robert from San Diego, CA Comments

Robert got a 65 Inch Samsung HDTV that he wants to hook up a computer to. Leo says that an Intel NUC is a good idea because it has HDMI ports, is inexpensive, and will work great. They're hockey puck sized, and perfect to create a home theater PC. Robert will need an external hard drive for storage though. This is a great idea for a HTPC project.

Watch Bob from Orange, CA Comments

Bob is going to be traveling overseas and he'll be using his iPhone 5 while he's there. Leo says it can be done, but he should turn data roaming off. That means he won't have any data while he's out and about, though. But it also means he won't have a phone bill in the thousands.

If he wants to be able to use data, he can get an international data roaming plan. He can download apps that offer cached maps. Leo uses Motion X GPS Drive. Google Maps will work offline too. He can just select the area he wants, and then download the data.

Another option is getting a local SIM when he gets to his destination. His phone will need to be unlocked for that. He can check out for more on this.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Tamar from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Tamar has been using AT&T for 15 years and she's been thinking of changing her internet service provider. She wants to know if she can keep her AT&T email, though. Leo says no. That's an AT&T domain name and as such, once she cancels her account, the email will get shut down.

Tamar wants to move to Time Warner Cable, but she doesn't want to get rid of her TV service through DirecTV. Leo says she doesn't have to have cable TV through Time Warner, she could just get internet. It may cost her about $10-20 more, though.

Is 45Mbps down OK or should she get 100Mbps? Leo says that 45 is better than what most people use. That will be great for streaming media. But if Tamar can upgrade her AT&T DSL service to 45 Mbps, that might be a better option. There are a lot of factors to be considered with internet speed, so 100Mbps from a cable company may not be better than 45Mbps from DSL. Leo thinks she should just upgrade the service she has, especially since she'd lose her email address if she switched.

Watch Roger from San Pedro, CA Comments

Roger says his Samsung Galaxy S3 is having battery life issues. Leo says that every battery has a limited battery life of about 500 charging cycles, so he should just replace the battery and he should be good to go. If that's not working, then the charging system may be messed up, and a simple system reset should make the phone like it was when it came from the factory. Google will have already backed all of his data backed up.

He can go to Settings > Backup and Reset. It'll backup his account and data and then automatically restore it once reset. Then he can do the factory data reset and update his phone. He'll have to offload his pictures, though. The good news is that the phone is so old that he could probably get a free upgrade from his carrier.

Watch Jeff from Atlanta, GA Comments

Jeff has unlimited data on Verizon and he wants to upgrade his phone, but they won't let him keep his data plan if he does. Leo says that is how they get people. He can pay the full amount for the phone, but if he tries to subsidize it, he'll be taken off of his unlimited data plan. He should check how much data he actually uses. He may not need to keep that unlimited data plan. The advantage of buying his own phone is that he can have an unlocked model.

Matt says that he had his unlimited data plan saved by a guy at the Verizon store by adding a line for $10 a month.

Watch Jeff from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Jeff wants to rip a DVD and separate the audio and video files. Leo says that DVD Audio Extractor from does a good job. But VLC Media Client can do it for free. He just would convert it to an audio file.

Watch Jeremy from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Jeremy needs to reset his Android phone, but he wants to keep everything configured the same way. Leo says that he'll get his apps and passwords back (as long as he has it set to backup to Google). But it won't save his setup and organization.

Helium by Clockwork Mod is a great app for sync and backup. Leo uses Nova Launcher by TeslaCoil, which enables him to restore his setup, which is saved to Google Drive. Leo does it a lot because he goes through a lot of phones testing them out.

Watch Matt from Fullerton, CA Comments

Matt says that he had his unlimited data plan saved by a guy at the Verizon store by adding a line for $10 a month. Then he'd have a "dummy phone" associated with it.

Watch Chris from Miami Comments

The Apple Watch will work with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. He won't be able to use Apple Pay with the Apple Watch if he doesn't have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, however. So he may want to get the new iPhone 6 for that. We don't know yet if this will be such a great watch, though, anyone who's saying that is just guessing.

The Apple Watch will start at $349, with the high end gold version most likely costing over $5,000. And buying such an expensive watch doesn't make any sense since it will be obsolete in a year. Leo suspects Apple may have some sort of upgrade plan for those who buy the expensive gold watch. Leo says the smart watch is a luxury of dubious value, because there's no reason you can't just pull out your phone to see who's calling or what a notification says. It does have some health features though -- it is a pedometer and heart rate monitor.

All three models will come in two sizes, a 38 millimeter and 42 millimeter.