What phone should I buy for a trip to China?

Episode 1159 (35:43)

David from Las Vegas, NV
Xiaomi Mi 4

David is going to China for a honeymoon and he needs a phone that he can use. Leo says he'll want an unlocked phone that works best with the radio bands that China uses. Xiaomi is the best and make some great phones like the Mi 4. It has the best battery life of any phone in the world. Xiaomi has its own version of Android that runs well also. It uses SnapDragon 810 processors, and they're pretty fast. Huawei also makes phones that would work in China. There's several brands that are affordable. The key, though, is to get the proper radio bands.

Johnny Jet offers some good advice for when David passes through Thailand. He says that Phuket is too crowded. He should drive to Khaolak, there's a gorgeous national park and a great Marriot hotel there with great Pad Thai. AnaTara hotels and the Four Seasons are great as well.