Where can I put my iPhone photos to free up space?

Episode 1158 (1:25:12)

Jessie from Long Beach, CA
Apple iPhone 6

Jessie's wife is complaining that her iPhone is running out of space. Leo says that's because of all the pictures and videos she has on that 16 GB phone. Jessie says that her previous iPhone was able to store more photos and videos than her new one. Leo says it's because the camera in the new iPhone has a larger sensor and saves larger files. There's also less space thanks to iOS 8.

The key is to get those images off of the device. She can back them up by connecting her phone to the computer and importing them through iTunes. But she can also use the setting in Facebook to save all photos to a private album. Google Plus will also do this, as will Microsoft's One Drive, Flickr, Amazon, and even Apple's iCloud (although Apple's solution is paid, not free). By uploading her photos to the cloud, she'll still be able to show people photos whenever she wants and those photos don't need to take up any space locally.

She should make sure her app is only set to upload via Wi-Fi only, so it doesn't impact her data usage.