Should I make the switch from Windows Phone to Android or iPhone?

Episode 1158 (15:37)

Ron from Charlotte, NC

Since banks have stopped supporting Windows Phone, and since Apple Pay is very popular, Ron is thinking about making a switch from Windows Phone to either the iPhone or an Android phone. Thoughts? Leo says that it is a blow to Microsoft that banks have dropped their support. It's too bad because the hardware is great, especially with its cameras and elegant operating system. The real problem is, that Microsoft came very late to the game and there was no way to play catchup. The same with Blackberry, which while making smartphones first, didn't pay attention to the market and fell behind fast.

Leo says that Ron can hang on to his Windows Phone now, especially since Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 this fall for phones running Windows 8.1. But sooner or later, he'll have to leave it behind if he wants to do banking online from his phone. As such, either iPhone or Android would work great.