Is My Cloud Mirror from Western Digital network attached storage?

Episode 1158 (28:05)

Todd from Topeka, KS

Todd wants to know about the WD My Cloud Mirror. Is it network attached storage? Leo says it is, but it's supposed to be an appliance for those who aren't very technical. It comes with WD dual drives, will work with Mac or PC, but it doesn't have as many features as a traditional NAS. It will connect to cloud solutions like DropBox for off site backup. There's also a feature he likes that will allow him to connect to the computer directly and copy the files over. At $291 for 4TB of storage, it's a great deal.

Leo does recommend, though, that Todd listen to it to see how loud the fans are. If it had a media server plugin, it would be even better, but for a simple backup option, it's a great solution. But remember, if he runs it in RAID 0 (Scary RAID) to double the storage, he'll have to have a backup of the backup just in case.