How can I use visual voicemail with multiple phones on Verizon?

Episode 1158 (44:12)

Peter from Brooklyn, NY

Peter has more than one cellphone running in Verizon and wants to swap out SIMs to use one number. But he has to use a special SIM in order to get LTE in it. Leo says that may be due to the update that runs VOLTE. But when it takes the SIM out and moves it to the iPhone, he loses visual voicemail. Leo says that's likely a Verizon shortcoming, even though Leo doesn't think there's a technical reason.

He may be able to jailbreak it and use YouMail. It has a web interface and he'd have to forward his number to a YouMail number, which isn't ideal. Google Voice may be a better option. It will ring any phone he attaches it to. That will work across all platforms and is probably a better option.