How can I use my old headset with my new computer?

Episode 1158 (2:12:39)

Darla from Oceanside, CA
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2 In/2 Out USB Recording Audio Interface

Darla bought a new computer and she sees that her headphone jack also works as a microphone jack. She does an outdoor sports podcast and needs to use her old headsets with it, though. Leo says it's true that new computers use the headphone jack as a mic in as well. This is by far the worst way to get audio into the computer, though. Leo advises using a USB audio interface. It will take any microphone, even professional grade XLR mics, and connect it into an interface that will convert the analog signal into digital data that will be transferred over USB. That will eliminate any RF noise. She could get a connector/adapter that could do it for her existing headset, but Leo doesn't recommend it.

Shure makes a good USB interface that she can use with her Shure headset. M-Audio makes a good one too. Focusrite Scarlet does it as well, and she can find it on Amazon here: