How can I get ownership of old Windows files?

Episode 1158 (1:41:47)

Cal from Erie, PA

Cal followed Steve Gibson and Leo's advice to run as a limited user in Windows. But now he can't get access to documents and settings that are under the administrator account. Leo says that ownership of files is assigned according what user it is. If he's an administrator, he's "god," and can do anything with files. What he can do, then, is create a new admin account and then downgrade his existing account to a limited user. This will give him access to the documents he is missing.

Cal can reclaim the files and move them over. He should locate the file or folder he wants to take ownership of. Right-click the file or folder, click 'Properties,' and then click the 'Security' tab. Click Advanced, and then click the 'Owner' tab. There are details available here -