What's the best box to "cut the cord" with?

Episode 1157 (29:53)

Judy from Yucaipa, CA
Roku 3

Judy wants to know about the Jetstream Movie box. She gets all her entertainment options from satellite and antenna and she's thinking about "cutting the cord." Leo says he recommends the Roku Box. It uses the Internet to bring her streaming video from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. But it won't give her the local live broadcast channels. Neither does Jetstream, for that matter. And at $400, it's really expensive for what it offers by comparison, even though they say the content is "free." Local stations will be stations on the internet, but that doesn't mean it'll be her local stations. It could be a station in Thailand. And that's kind of a "bill of goods." They say she can add her antenna, but if she has an antenna, then she doesn't need the Jetstream. Leo recommends just getting a Roku box and get the live signals over the antenna.