What sound bar should I buy?

Episode 1157 (38:06)

Robert from Gary, IN
Pioneer SP-SB23W

Robert just upgraded his TV and he needs a sound bar. Leo says that Pioneer makes one designed by Andrew Jones which is surprisingly affordable for the quality sound it provides. But he'll want to be sure he gets one with a subwoofer. He'll have to be realistic as to what he's getting because it's not going to be surround. But as far as sound bars go, the Pioneer SP-SB23W is the one to get.

For under $250, last year's model could be found at NewEgg for that price range. Vizio also makes one for around $80 on Amazon, but it probably only has two speakers. Scott says that Vizio or Yamaha is also a good buy. It'll sound much better than the awful built-in TV speakers.