How can I move my domains and email account to a new provider?

Episode 1157 (1:25:04)

Jason from Richmond, VA

Jason has his email with GoDaddy, and wants to move to something else. Leo says he can have Gmail fetch the email that's currently in GoDaddy. Leo says he could also move his domain name to a new registrar and tell it the email server is GoDaddy. Jason is having a problem with the filtering though, and a lot of email isn't getting to him because it's being blacklisted. Leo says Gmail does the best spam filtering of anyone, without a lot of the issues. Leo says he could set up a Gmail account for each of his family members and then move the mail to Gmail, it just will be a lot of work.

Leo recommends changing the domain registrar to someone else. Set up a postfix server to something he controls, and that can be used as a redirector. That will use rules to redirect the mail, and Jason can control those rules. Then if one of his family members wants to use a different email provider, he can change it by altering one line of text.