How can I make an old computer faster?

Episode 1157 (42:00)

Old Geek in the Bronx from New York, NY
Apple iPad Air 2

The "old geek in the Bronx" tried to clean up his friend's computer and he wants to know if "Ready Boost" will speed up that old PC. Leo says that Microsoft created "Ready Boost" for Vista and Windows 7 and it would use the cache of a USB key because it's faster. Leo says he tried it and it didn't really work at all. Almost always, just backing up the data, formatting the hard drive, and reinstalling Windows with the recovery disks and updating Windows fully will make it run like the day it came out of the box. Rather than have his friend buy a new laptop, Leo advises getting an iPad. It's simpler and easier to use. And he can get a lot of low cost apps. That's a far better option. A Chromebook or Chromebox are other great options. Windows is really overkill.