How can I keep my kids safe online?

Episode 1157 (47:08)

Mike from San Antonio, TX

Mike wants to keep his kids safe online that won't slow down the computer. What can he use? Leo says that when they get older, kids can figure out how to bypass restrictions. But when they are younger, they are OK. Leo advises using OpenDNS with his router. He can put things on computers, but they really aren't effective and filters often block things that he won't want blocked. But OpenDNS will allow him to change how the router will find webpages and block sites that he doesn't want. And he'll have complete control.

Since he's actually modifying things at the router level, he can block sites on every computer in the house and choose which computers have more access than others. It's a much better option for keeping kids safe. It works on everything including smartphones and tablets as well. There's a free version with parental controls and a paid version, but both work really well. Leo also advises keeping the computer in a public area so they are aware that he's watching. He should also talk to his kids about internet safety. That's really the key, and will help his kids protect themselves as they get older and smarter about it.

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