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Episode 1157 January 31, 2015

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Audience Questions

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Watch Robert from Lolo, MT Comments

Robert is having issues with what tech support says is "static buildup" with his laptop. They advise unplugging it and plugging it back in, and that seemed to work. But it's happened several times. Leo says that can happen when the weather is really dry. That's why it's important to ground himself before he touches it. He can do that by simply touching the case side. Unplugging and plugging it back in, though, leads Leo to believe it isn't a static issue. Leo has a hunch that it could be power supply related, or the cable connector. It just sounds like a red herring. They know there's a problem with the power connector and they're just giving him a quick fix by reseating the power connector.

Watch Judy from Yucaipa, CA Comments

Judy wants to know about the Jetstream Movie box. She gets all her entertainment options from satellite and antenna and she's thinking about "cutting the cord." Leo says he recommends the Roku Box. It uses the Internet to bring her streaming video from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. But it won't give her the local live broadcast channels. Neither does Jetstream, for that matter. And at $400, it's really expensive for what it offers by comparison, even though they say the content is "free." Local stations will be stations on the internet, but that doesn't mean it'll be her local stations. It could be a station in Thailand. And that's kind of a "bill of goods." They say she can add her antenna, but if she has an antenna, then she doesn't need the Jetstream. Leo recommends just getting a Roku box and get the live signals over the antenna.

Watch Ron from West Hollywood, CA Comments

Ron's Samsung Galaxy S4 was stolen, and T-Mobile replaced it with another one. But the one he got as a replacement keeps talking to him, and he doesn't want that. He wants to take it back and get the Samsung Galaxy S6 when it comes out, if it's as good as he's heard it will be. Leo says that they haven't even been announced yet, and there's no need to wait. He can just get the Galaxy S5. Or if he likes a bigger screen, the Note 3 is a good choice. The The S6 will just be more of the same, only marginally better. Though one rumor is that Samsung will be backing off the TouchWiz modifications. If true, then it will be pretty close to vanilla Lollipop Android. And that's a good thing.

Watch Jason from Richmond, VA Comments

Jason has his email with GoDaddy, and wants to move to something else. Leo says he can have Gmail fetch the email that's currently in GoDaddy. Leo says he could also move his domain name to a new registrar and tell it the email server is GoDaddy. Jason is having a problem with the filtering though, and a lot of email isn't getting to him because it's being blacklisted. Leo says Gmail does the best spam filtering of anyone, without a lot of the issues. Leo says he could set up a Gmail account for each of his family members and then move the mail to Gmail, it just will be a lot of work.

Leo recommends changing the domain registrar to someone else. Set up a postfix server to something he controls, and that can be used as a redirector. That will use rules to redirect the mail, and Jason can control those rules. Then if one of his family members wants to use a different email provider, he can change it by altering one line of text.

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Watch Robert from Gary, IN Comments

Robert just upgraded his TV and he needs a sound bar. Leo says that Pioneer makes one designed by Andrew Jones which is surprisingly affordable for the quality sound it provides. But he'll want to be sure he gets one with a subwoofer. He'll have to be realistic as to what he's getting because it's not going to be surround. But as far as sound bars go, the Pioneer SP-SB23W is the one to get.

For under $250, last year's model could be found at NewEgg for that price range. Vizio also makes one for around $80 on Amazon, but it probably only has two speakers. Scott says that Vizio or Yamaha is also a good buy. It'll sound much better than the awful built-in TV speakers.

Watch Old Geek in the Bronx from New York, NY Comments

The "old geek in the Bronx" tried to clean up his friend's computer and he wants to know if "Ready Boost" will speed up that old PC. Leo says that Microsoft created "Ready Boost" for Vista and Windows 7 and it would use the cache of a USB key because it's faster. Leo says he tried it and it didn't really work at all. Almost always, just backing up the data, formatting the hard drive, and reinstalling Windows with the recovery disks and updating Windows fully will make it run like the day it came out of the box. Rather than have his friend buy a new laptop, Leo advises getting an iPad. It's simpler and easier to use. And he can get a lot of low cost apps. That's a far better option. A Chromebook or Chromebox are other great options. Windows is really overkill.

Watch Mike from San Antonio, TX Comments

Mike wants to keep his kids safe online that won't slow down the computer. What can he use? Leo says that when they get older, kids can figure out how to bypass restrictions. But when they are younger, they are OK. Leo advises using OpenDNS with his router. He can put things on computers, but they really aren't effective and filters often block things that he won't want blocked. But OpenDNS will allow him to change how the router will find webpages and block sites that he doesn't want. And he'll have complete control.

Since he's actually modifying things at the router level, he can block sites on every computer in the house and choose which computers have more access than others. It's a much better option for keeping kids safe. It works on everything including smartphones and tablets as well. There's a free version with parental controls and a paid version, but both work really well. Leo also advises keeping the computer in a public area so they are aware that he's watching. He should also talk to his kids about internet safety. That's really the key, and will help his kids protect themselves as they get older and smarter about it.

There's a great site for more tips at

Watch Chris from Lakewood, CA Comments

Chris needs to get a new smartphone and he's thinking of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Sharp Aquos Crystal. Leo says he's tried the Crystal and he wasn't impressed. The Galaxy SIII is a nice phone, but it's a little out of date. The Galaxy S5 is the current model. If Leo had to choose between the S3 and the Sharp Aquos Crystal, however, he would choose the S3

Watch Ron from Hollywood, CA Comments

Ron's Dell computer is having trouble connecting and he has a hunch the network adapter is dying. He's tried different software, but hasn't been able to get it to work. Leo says that the adapter is soldered to the motherboard and to fix that would require changing the motherboard. But he can buy a USB to Ethernet network connector for $12 from

Watch Bradley from Pensacola, FL Comments

Bradley wants to know when the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be out. Leo says that Samsung will announce it at the Mobile World Conference March 2 through 5, and it'll likely be out by April. There will also be a new M8 phone from HTC.

Watch Bradley from Pensacola, FL Comments

Leo says no, it's not a good idea to do this. There's a special coating on most screens that will be dissolved by alcohol based cleaners. Leo recommends KlearScreen.

Watch Bradley from Pensacola, FL Comments

Leo says that BuildApp Viewer is a good, free option. He should look for Home Design in the Google Play store as well. There are a lot of choices.

Watch Alan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Since Alan won't be on camera for this, Leo recommends getting the Audio-Technica AT2020USB. The advantage of this microphone is that it's a USB mic, so he can plug it directly into his computer. Alan will need screen recording software next. For this, Leo recommends TechSmith, which offers two different programs. One is the less expensive Snagit, which is more basic. There's also a more expensive program called Camtasia Studio, which has more features but costs more.

Alan also wants to have someone on the webinar with him remotely. Leo says Skype doesn't record both sides of the audio, so he'll need a solution that will allow him to record both. A good screen capture program might do that, but Leo recommends Pamela, which is a Skype call recorder.

Watch Michael from Honolulu, HI Comments

Michael has a pair of Wharfedale speakers that he got back in the 1960's, they're in good condition and he's wondering if they're worth much. Leo says they are, because they're classics, but he urges Michael to keep them! Leo says they're definitely worth connecting to a modern day stereo. Physics doesn't change, and the bigger the cone a speaker has, the more air it can move. As long as the cones haven't dried out or cracked, they will be as good as anything he can buy today.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Ed from Valencia, CA Comments

Ed has a problem with snoring and wants to know if there's an app that can help him. Leo says if he has an Android phone, Sleep as Android will actually monitor his sleep patterns and record his snoring. This can help him discover whether or not he's snoring. There's also a grid that will show him how much he is snoring and when. It'll even record him talking in his sleep.

On the iPhone - SnoreLab. Leo also says that BreatheRight strips help. But only a physician can really help cure him of something serious like sleep apnea. But it will help him determine if he needs to see a doctor.

Watch Andrew from Dayton, OH Comments

Andrew needs a new laptop for editing video and images, and is wondering if a discrete video card would work better for that. Leo says that discrete video would be more beneficial for gaming, not editing. He'll want an i7 with a large L2 cache. Will a touch screen help? Leo says not with video editing, at least not right now.

A Dell laptop would work well for him, as would Lenovo. He'll want a large screen and those getting harder to find in laptops. Andrew should get an SSD, though -- it makes a huge difference. Leo just ordered the new Dell XPS 13, which uses the newest Intel Broadwell processor.