Why can't people play the videos I shoot with my iPhone?

Episode 1156 (57:51)

Amy from Newport Beach, CA
iOS 8

Amy is having trouble sending videos to Android with her iPhone 6. Leo says the problem is likely with AT&T and it should be fixable. Text messages are handled with SMS, while video and photos are sent via MMS, or through Apple's Message. So it's likely Amy's MMS is misconfigured. Leo says to talk to a genius at the Apple Store and ask them to fix it.

It's also possible that Amy's cell phone service doesn't include MMS. Amy says it also happens when she uses email to send the videos, though. Leo says that's a horse of a different color. But if it sends and they just can't open it, then that means it's not her service. That points to an incompatible format, but the iPhone 6 doesn't record in an odd format. Any modern phone should be able to read it.