What camera should I use for taking pictures of paintings?

Episode 1156 (1:56:36)

Dave from Crystal Lake, CA

Dave is looking for a good camera for taking pictures of paintings. Leo says he'll want a good camera that has a wide angle lens, but he won't want it too wide because it will show some barreling. Detail is even more important, and a great lens makes a huge difference, as does accurate color. A large sensor helps with that. Sensors in camera phones are really tiny. A camera has a larger one and the bigger the lens, the more costly. Ideally, he'll want a full frame sensor.

The Sony RX100 is ideal because it has a 1" sensor for great low light capability and better color accuracy. It's around $500-700. The next step up with interchangeable lenses would be a micro four-thirds camera. Leo likes the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and E-M5, depending on his budget. These are great for taking images and he can change the lenses out.

Dave also uses an app called CoPilot, which uses the phone's GPS to find his way around with offline maps without using any data.