Can I use remanufacturered or third party ink cartridges with my Epson printer?

Episode 1155 (1:10:34)

Julian from Santa Barbara, CA
Epson Workforce Printer

Julian bought an Epson Workforce Printer with Precision Core. Can he use third party ink cartridges with it? Leo says that he thinks those solutions are a false economy. First, they may replace the head when they replace the ink cartridge. But if it's a multi cartridge printer, then they probably won't.

Some companies have chips in their ink cartridges that would prevent him from using them. The ink is fairly affordable on Epson printers, but at half the price, it depends on if he's happy with the results. Precision Core is special because it uses the smallest droplets in the industry. Third party ink may not be formulated well enough for it, which would run the risk of clogging the heads. And it takes a ton of ink to clear them out. If he's going through a lot of ink, it may be worth it. But Leo still thinks sticking with Epson ink is the best idea when it comes to Precision Core.

How about using a 4K TV as a monitor? Leo says even with 4K, it still won't look good. It's not as sharp when he's close up.