What LED TV can I get for under $1,000?

Episode 1153 (38:26)

Jeffrey from Torrance, CA
VIZIO M-Series, Smart TV

Jeff has an old Magnavox Plasma TV and he's in the market for a new TV. Leo says that plasma has gone away largely because of the power requirements. And thanks to the State of California's low power requirements for TVs, nobody really makes them anymore. Jeff has a budget of $1,000 and would like a TV that's at least 55".

Scott Wilkinson says the 60" Vizio M Series 602i-b3 is a tad under $1,000, and he can get a 70" for about $1,500. It is full array backlit with local dimming. If he sits off axis a lot, the 55" inch may be better. But if he's mostly viewing in the center, he should get the 60".