Pilots Pushing For New FAA Drone Policies

Episode 1153 (02:10)

Aerial Drone

Airplane pilots are pushing for new rules from the FAA to protect them from unmanned aerial drones, and according to GigaOm the pressure from aviation groups has been part of the reason why the FAA hasn't adopted formal commercial drone rules. Leo says that the other part of the problem is that the FAA, while having the authority to put forth said rules, has no way to enforce them.

Meanwhile, amateur drone use is way up, and that's part of the concern of pilots, while the FAA seems only concerned with commercial use. Leo says that is backwards thinking since commercial use will be performed by professionals, who are usually experienced, trained, and insured.

Leo just bought a low cost Syma X5 quadcopter for about $40 on Amazon, which he can learn from.