How can I get tech support help through Twitter?

Episode 1152 (57:55)

Don from Mojave Valley, AZ
Social Media on an iPhone

Don wants to know if Twitter is a good way to get the attention of Samsung's support people. Leo says it is. The trend was started by a support person at Comcast with "ComCastCares." And everyone has picked up on that trend. It helps to also have "hashtags" (#) which can make it searchable. A good company will pick up on it and take quick action. But companies are now starting to get mean about the bad press they get on social media. He should mention @samsungtweets, or @samsungsupport

Companies are seeing a rise of trolling on social media and their solution is to shut down negative press rather than address it. The key is how Don says things on social media. Be nice, but factual.