Have I been infected by a virus?

Episode 1151 (52:10)

Glen from Glendale, CA

Glen got a popup saying his computer has become encrypted, and he keeps getting popups saying it's been infected with adware. Leo says it's bogus and isn't the CryptoLocker encyption scam. It's just a scam trying to get him to call to give them his credit card and remote access control to his PC.

Leo recommends keeping Windows up to date and also running the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. To get to that, he can click Start, then type MRT and press Enter. He can also run it from the command line. If it doesn't get rid of it, then Leo suggests getting MalwareBytes. And he should make sure to only get it from MalwareBytes.ORG.

It's difficult to actually remove malware, and most often he would just be getting rid of the malware he sees. As soon as there's something bad on a computer, it's hard to know for sure whether or not there's something else malicious on the system. The only way to be sure that the malware is gone is the reinstall Windows from a known, good source.