Will this be the year to buy a 4K TV?

Episode 1150 (1:19:16)

Rick from Merced, CA

Rick is interested in 4K, and is wondering if this will be the year for it. Leo says that when he sees it, he'll go crazy because it looks fantastic. But there's a problem -- there's no standards. We're close, but they aren't finalized yet. Check out Home Theater Geeks this week, as Scott Wilkinson will be at CES talking about 4K TVs and their standards. But it's largely the reason why Leo isn't recommending buying 4K TVs just yet. And there's not much content out for it, either. Streaming can't give a good quality 4K picture at the bandwidth we have right now. So 4K is coming, but it's not really ready for prime time just yet. It'd be best to wait a while yet.

Rick should look for TCL, HiSense, and other Chinese TV manufacturers to come in and shake things up a bit.